Wednesday Evening

Starts September 4th - March

5:45 Registration

6:00 - 7:35pm

AWANA starts at Highland Avenue Baptist Church on Wenesday night from 6pm until 7:35pm.
Kids from 3 years of age through 6th grade are welcome to attend.
Come and learn about God and have a great time meeting new friends!
For more information call Highland Avenue Baptist Church 618-544-2597


Bringing church members and parents together to raise kids to know, love and serve Christ for life. Integrated programs for age 3 to 13. Commitment to reaching unsaved youth and families with the gospel. Bible memory and doctrine to build a biblical worldview. Support for parents as kids' primary spiritual trainers. A fun, dynamic approach to learning God’s Word. Ongoing volunteer training. Mentor and peer relationships. Training future church leaders to serve today.

AWANA Family Festival

March 20, 21 and 22nd

All Family Members are invited!


Wednesday Night- Olympics

Thursday Night-Illusionist

Friday Night- Grand Prix

Starting Nightly with a meal at 5:30