Sunday School Classes






The church provides love and protection in a learning environment through books and games.

0 - 2 Years

Kristen Johnson, Erica Meese & Tony Meese





Children three years old through Kindergarten, that participate in fun activities as they learn Gods Word through "Bible Studies for Life" curriculum.

3 years - Kindergarten

Tara Rains & Sheila Titsworth

Children 1

The "Gospel Project for Kids" class is used to teach stories of theBible to Children, grades one through three. In addition to Bible stories, the children will learn memory verses, sing songsand make crafts.

Grades 1 - 3

Karen Maddox & Debbie Avery

Children 2

The class facilitates 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students. Cirriculum includes Bible based teachingfrom the Old and New Testaments using the " Gospel Project". Learnng is interactive with children participation.

Grades 4 - 6

Jerri Titsworth & Debbie McDaniel

Children's New Member 

Grades 1 - 6

Pam & Randy McCleave





Young people age 12-18 studying the Gospel Project tailored for youth which goes through the Bible every three years, discovering Christ within the Bib

Grades 7 - 12

Joe Young & Zach Manual  Room: Youth center

 Men’s Class

 Kingdom man  Tony Evans

 Dwight McDaniel

The Bible is studied from Genesis through Revelations, with an emphasis on identifying the Gospel throughout the Old and New Testament, and then appying it to eveyone's daily Life.


Mike Parker      Room 103

A discussion-oriented group of adults following the Bible Studies for Life lesson book.


Doug Maddox   Room 108

Ladies Class of all ages that study how to grow in our walk with Christ on various topics that effect our daily life.


Laura Dollahan  Room 109




Be Series in a walk through the Bible one chapter at a time.

By Warren Wiersbe



Jerry Platt.          Room 105

Mixed Adults using Bible Studies for Life Series that studies how the Bibleapplies to our daily lives.

Floyd Rinard               Room 106

Mixed adult class that faithfully and actively participate in a discussion of the Bible that is practical to our daily lives.


Jerry McDaniel             Room 110

Mom to Mom video series tailored for Mom's helping them to connect with other Mom's.


Amy Rogers      Room 104






Sunday School Director


David McDaniel